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A new year & a brand-new work shirt

If you're a tradie, you're probably flat out. You might have even worked right through the holidays. And that's great. The state of "busyness" is a good state to be in. But here's the thing: when we're busy it's easy to put off things till later that should done today. Like ordering work shirts.

Many tradies put off organising their work shirts until the last minute. As we said, they're busy. As a result, some are still wearing their summer clothes when autumn rolls along. Or even worse, their staff are wearing something other than the correct work wearing an effort to keep warm.That isn't good and can reflect pretty poorly on a business.

Why branded work wear?

There are plenty of reasons why tradies wear customised branded work shirts. Here are three:

  1. Promotionó there are fewer more cost-effective ways to promote your business than branded work wear. Everywhere your staff go they promote your business, even outside of working hours.
  2. Identification ó for security reasons, not just anyone can walk around on a work site. So, your staff may need to be identified easily.Branded work shirts do the job just nicely.
  3. Team buildingóbuilding a good team is often easier said than done. So, having all your staff wearing the same branded work shirts goes a long way to developing an inclusive team culture.

So, what are the options?

At T-Shirt World, we offer four printing methods: screen printing, digital printing, heat press vinyl and embroidery.

If you want a subtle shirt-pocket logo, embroidery is often best. This method is also ideal for caps and bags, etc. For bolder designs, digital printing or screen printing is common. For economic reasons, we recommend digital for small runs (less than20), and screen printing for larger runs.

Have you ordered your new work shirts?

So, are you prepared for the coming seasons? If you have any questions about branded work wear, please get in touch.