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Custom one-off T's are all on!

How do you describe yourself? Are you an artist, an intellectual — a rebel without a clue? Whatever your identity, you can express it on a custom t-shirt. In this post we explain why custom one-off t-shirts are all on.

Your personal brand

Businesses love branding. A good brand expresses immediately what they're all about — their values and culture, etc. So, branded clothing is highly effective for promoting a business to everyone the wearer meets.

But, what about your brand?

A key feature of modern times must surely be the rise of the personal brand. Most of us are no longer happy to be anonymous faces in a crowd. We want to be heard, to express who we are.

Well, a custom t-shirt allows you to do just that. And, when you design it yourself, you won't experience the awkwardness of bumping into someone wearing the same thing from Hallensteins.

Stick up for a cause

Of course, it's not all about self-promotion. And there may be a cause that's close to your heart you want to support. Stick up for your cause with a custom t-shirt. The late John Lennon had the right idea and was a master of one-liners. Remember Give peace a chance?

Well, you don't need to be a rock star to express your opinion on a t-shirt. For example, a few years ago, a customer asked us to print a statement on a t-shirt for him to wear in court. It must have had the desired effect because he came back later on for more.

A conversation starter

Have you ever sat alone at a party with no one to talk to? Unless, you're “Mr Popular”, you probably have. Here's an idea: print something provocative on a t-shirt and see what happens. As long as it's not offensive, you'll break the ice in no time.

You only have to get one

You may be surprised to learn that you don't have to buy large quantities to get a custom t-shirt. In fact, using digital, vinyl heat press or embroidery printing method, you only have to buy one.

Express yourself

Want to express the real you? Or do you want to promote a cause you care about. Do it in style. Talk to us about custom t-shirts.