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Got something to say? Say it on a branded t-shirt

The possibility Donald "You're Fired" Trump will become US president is big news. The world is baffled. Everyone is talking about it. And, not surprisingly, many slogans, serious and not so serious, have popped up. 

Donald supporters

The "Don's" supporters (who only seem to live in parts of America), have this to say about their leader:
  • "Trump: Make America Great Again"
  • "I believe in Trump." 

The others

The rest of the sane world, however, has a contrary view and have created memes and banners to express it:
  • "The cult of ignorance" 
  • "Life's no joke; don't elect one."
Regardless of your opinion, you can express it. That's one of the great things about living in New Zealand. Embrace your freedom of speech. 

Say what you feel

Wearing a printed t-shirts allows you to be you—stand out from the crowd.  You can feature favourite band, show your support for a cause, or just be different. 

Businesses can be individuals, too

It's a competitive world. And to compete, business must demonstrate how they're different—how they are better than the rest. So, they spend a lot of money on branding that's used on their websites, vehicles and marketing materials. 
Well there is another channel for promoting a brand: people. By dressing your staff in branded t-shirts and workwear, you can show everyone they meet what your business stands for and how you are different. 

Team power

Just as we like to be individuals, it's also good to be part of a team. Branded clothing is powerful for team building, for fostering a culture of camaraderie. 

Are branded t-shirts expensive?

Actually, you don't have to purchase large quantities for branded t-shirts to be affordable. In fact, thanks to digital printing, all you have to order is one. 

Express yourself

Do you have something to say? Do you want to tell everyone what you're about? Talk to us about saying it on a t-shirt.