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What’s the occasion, a wedding, a birthday, a party? Why not design your own t-shirt? Custom shirts caps, hoodies or t-shirts let you express your personality and stand out from the crowd.

At T-Shirt World we offer custom t-shirts designed specifically for you. And to be affordable, you don’t have to order big quantities: our minimum order quantity is one.



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T-Shirt Design

Why customise?

There are plenty of reasons for getting a customised t-shirt – and some may surprise you. One time we printed a t-shirt for a customer who wanted to make a statement in court. They must have made their point, because they came back later for more. Most reasons for custom t-shirts, though, are for celebrations: parties, birthdays, holidays or weddings.

Are you in business?

If you’re in business, there are two main reasons for having customised shirts:

1. Advertising

A bold company logo on employees’ uniforms is great advertising; it promotes your company everywhere they go. Branded uniforms are also great for morale; they make employees feel like part of a team.

2. Identification

For many companies, employees need to be identifiable for security reasons. So, in these situations, subtle embroidered pocket logos on business or polo shirts are a great idea.

Design Your Own Shirt

Logos and custom t-shirt printing for bigger orders

We do custom T-shirt printing for large orders, too. Or maybe you’d like polo shirts, jackets aprons, robes or caps with your company logo. Our team can customise a range of merchandise for your business or sports team. 

Looking for a regular supply of customised clothing? Ask us about vendor stock servicing. This enables you place an order that we then deliver to you over a period of one to two years. We will print and stock your garments, and then you order them as you need them.

We have 5 printing options available

… and can help you choose the option that’s perfect for your needs.

Design Your Own T-Shirt

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing

The latest in our stable of printing methods. Full colour prints on 100% cotton make them ideal for short run prints.

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Screen Print

Screen-printing is still an industry standard. It is ideal for larger runs of custom t-shirts. In reality, we can print as few as one or two, but to be cost effective, we recommend orders of at least 20 units. With the full colour range of inks, we have available, brand and logo colours can be easily represented.

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Embroidery is a popular printing method for logos on apparel, caps, bags, robes, towels, blankets, etc. It is ideal for subtle identification processes on business or work shirts. We find embroidery is particularly popular with corporates, sports clubs and small- to medium-sized businesses. Due to the wide range of thread colours available, embroidery is capable of accurate representation of logos and brands.

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Digital Prints

Digital prints can be pressed onto many types of apparel. And with our industry-standard wide-format printer we can print full-colour photo-quality print. Digital prints are ideal for one-offs or short runs when you want to design your own t-shirt but the set-up costs of screen printing might be uneconomic.

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Vinyl Heat Press

We often use vinyl heat press for custom one-off jobs, trade packs and sports shirts. In the past, vinyl was about 1mm think and notorious for cracking and falling off garments. The vinyl we use today is just 50 microns thick – that’s thinner than paper. As a result, it moves with the material and doesn’t crack or fall off.

Vinyl is available in a wide range of colours and gives a clear print that is durable and hard wearing. As there are no set-up costs, we can supply one-off or short runs that are cost effective, so you can design your own t-shirt or make shirts for the entire team.

Design your own t-shirt, cap, hoodie, polo shirt, jacket etc. No minimum quantity, no setup fees, no art fee and 100% satisfaction. Choose one of our T-shirt designs and customise it or upload your own. We’ll print and then deliver straight to you, wherever you are. Call us to express your personality and stand out from the crowd.

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